Swysh Launch

    I love music. I love listening to it, talking about it, and most of all, discovering it. When I look for new songs, I tend to skip around a lot until I find a catchy tune. Swiping up to the control center, pressing next, and swiping back down became redundant and annoying. I would constantly need to stop what I was doing on my device, block my screen, just to skip a song. Other times I would just bare through the track that was playing so that I could finish writing an email on my phone. This inconvenience was a flaw in my music listening experience.
    Today we are launching Swysh to solve these problems. Just by waving their device, music listeners can control their music playback without needing to touch the screen. Remaining focused on the task at hand while listening to music has never been easier or faster. The controls are quite simple: Wave to the right to change to the next song. Wave to the left to skip to the previous song. Wave downwards to pause and play the current song. Full, seamless, experience-friendly, control over music is finally here.

Swysh 1.0 is available for $0.99 on the Apple App Store and currently works with the native music player on iOS. We are working on expanding the functionality to more music players in the days ahead.




CEO/Founder of Lychee Labs