Can I adjust the sensitivity?

Yes! Gesture sensitivity can be adjusted in the settings!


What music players does Swysh work with?

Swysh is currently compatible with the Music app on iOS. We are working with other music providers to ensure you can control their music players too!


How do I invite friends?

Invite friends by clicking the invite button on the main page or in settings. When your friends join, both you and your friend get 23 extra gestures!


My gestures expired. What do I do?

You get unlimited gestures during first week after you download Swysh. Afterwards you get 15 gestures per day and 23 extra gestures when you invite friends!


How does pocket mode work?

Pocket mode uses your phone's angle to make sure that songs don't change in your pocket. When pocket mode is on, gestures will be disabled while your phone is horizontal or upside down such as when it is in a pocket.


Will Swysh be released on Android?

Swysh is currently on iOS only. If you are an Android user, hang tight! We're cooking something up for you in the near future.


How do you shuffle?

You can toggle shuffle on and off in the settings. While shuffle is on, use the "next" gesture to shuffle music.


Gestures have been turning off when I'm walking.

You can turn shuffle off in the settings.